8 Songs To Listen To When You’re Anger

It is a common thing to be offended for various reasons. But continuing being angry will only cause more harm to your health. In an interview on “How to Control Anger”, Sadhguru says that it is not something that you bump into on the way. It is something that grows in us, and we need to manage it. You should ensure that you are calm and relaxed all the time for better performance and body functionality.

Music has been known as one of the methods that helps relax the human mind. Whenever you become angry, you can grab your music player and play your favorite song to help your brain relax. Relaxed brains will help the body regulate the hormones so that you stay calm.

The Songs that Relieve Anger:

Various types of music impact the brain in different ways. These songs are ideal for listening when you become angry.

Angry Youth

1. The Way I Am – Eminem:

In his song, the rapper chose words that depict a pissed up mood – swear words everywhere. Shouting along with him in this song will help you relieve you since you will feel like you just finished a word-battle with your offender.

2. Platypus (I Hate You) – Green Day:

This song comes out with bitter words. You could think the aim is to lash someone hard instead of a physical fight. You can listen to this song and be shouting at the invisible offender inwardly and within a short time, you will be surprised how you become calm in a short time.

3. So What? – Pink:

With an attitude, Pink sings “So What?”, bringing along a message. The song tells you how she does not care what you are up to. Singing along will help you relieve your mind.

4. The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars:

This song is a perfect option when you want to punch someone – use the words. Sing along and shout the chorus words on top of your voice and you will experience the relieve.

5. I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace:

From the title, you already get the point. Do you feel like you hate someone for the offense? This track is ideal when you are offended in a relationship. But You can use it to calm down so that you can sort out your issues.

6. One Step Closer – Linkin Park:

Has someone offended you with unending words? This music will help you yell the message to them. Listen to it and relieve yourself from the trouble.

7.The system of a Down – Prison Song:

This song ideal when you are pissed off by the systems in your institute, corporation, or the government. Rap it along to help yourself relax.

8.Dead Bodies Everywhere – Korn:

This song is advisable when the anger level is too high. People cannot deal with you in the mood. This song mainly talks about domestic issues that affect you around.

In a Summary, there are many songs you can listen to when you are angry. For personal interests, you may not like some of the songs posted. You can make yourself a collection of songs you would prefer to listen to during the condition. You are not limited to specific choices.